Tulip Pillow

Tulip Pillow

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Tulip takes care of your sleeping position.

Tulip automatically puts you in the most relaxed and healthy sleeping position. Whether you sleep on your back or on your side. The unique shape ensures that your head and neck are always straight. And that your nose does not press into your pillow. And that your arm is around your pillow and not under it.

We are United Comfort Industries, the makers of the Tulip pillow. In Zevenbergen, Brabant, we want to make the best pillows in the world. Making good pillows still largely means manual work for us, even after 30 years. And because we only work with the best materials, we know for sure that we can do you a great favor with every pillow that is manufactured here.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide sleep on one of our pillows. But in the Netherlands we are actually still relatively unknown! Maybe that will soon change now that we are selling the Tulip pillow here. Our designer was given a free hand when designing Tulip. He would never have imagined that he would devote himself to designing pillows. But the longer he was at it, the greater his fascination grew. “How is it possible that people sometimes seem to pay so little attention to a product to which you literally entrust your head to one third of your life?

He wanted to design a pillow that makes you aware of your pillow.

Where you think “Huh, is that a pillow? And which you will really love once you feel it. Whenever someone thinks about what they are sleeping on when they see Tulip, we are satisfied. But of course it is absolutely fantastic if you really improve your sleep on a Tulip.